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Ask Me Your Affiliate Business Questions

Hello everyone,

It’s been quite awhile since I posted anything due to my trip to India because of my hectic schedule. But I have been replying some questions on affiliate marketing in my email and I thought to make it public so other people can benefit from them as well.

So if you have any questions or problems on my FREE training on the Affiliate Marketing Business, please use the comment box to ask your questions.

I would try my best to respond to all. I would be back to Nigeria in August for those who want to meet me one-on-one.

I have THREE exciting annoucements to make. “People have been making money right here in Nigeria as an Affiliate…even while using Fastecash”.

On Wednesday, I will show you proofs of OTHER people’s affiliate earnings so that you can be inspired to start or continue your Affiliate Business.

I will also show you other proofs that people indeed buy things online using fastecash and they download them immediately, so if you have a website you can automate your oinline business by having online payment processors like me.

And the most important annoucement of all is that I will be making my May 2011 Birthday Offer open for YOU to EARN..I’m talking about “Affiliate Earnings” and I’ll also teach you some tricks on how to market it to earn money really f-a-s-t!

Personally, I made over N350,000 in less than 3 weeks on this my birthday offer and I want to give you some FREE advice on how to do so too! Do you want me to show you proofs that we made over N350k? Just ask and you would get it.

I know, I should charge some fee on this but I won’t because I want you to maximize your capital.

Watch out for these proofs and others on Wednesday but in the meantime, ASK your questions and make your comments.

Onome Maureen

P.S. Before asking, please read other people’s questions to see if your question has already been asked by somone else so that you don’t repeat it, so ask to save time

P.S.S. If you like any question or answer, please click on the LIKE button to spread the news.


  1. Hello Onome.
    Nice to hear from you. Hope Dad has fully recovered.

    I love to know more about your birthday offer aff program.

    To your success,

  2. jegede says:

    appreciate how you sent back my cheap laptop manual please i still need internet forum manual.i am tring now to get fully back on the internet; do my demo laptop importation then create time for affiliate biz.i hope two month is not too late to start.please keep me posted.more greaseto your elbows.

  3. Tunde Oyedokun says:

    I had gotten your link though I have not started promoting based on my inability to get answer to the following question. How do I know if some one buys thru my link, you N14k Laptop package if I pick the Fastecash option in case people buy through Paypal and others like Master Card. Because, you said one will have to send you proof of sales before commission could be received in Fast e cash account.

    Your urgent attention is required.



    • @Tunde. You would know when someon buys through your link because you would instantly get your affiliate commission as the person is paying and fastecash will automatically send you an email that you have received money into your account.

      It does not matter how people pay whether through paypal or Mastercard, your account would be instantly credited

  4. joy girl says:



    • Hi Joy, it is well with you. Stick to this blog and do what we teach about how to mak emoney online and you would get the SAME results.

      • jikat says:

        you have not sent me my affiliete link up to date, l don’t no what happen with my owned.
        thank you james.
        sorry for the minor operation n how is your daddy doing hope he is recuperating very fast.
        thank God for that.
        byeee jikat

  5. Anthony says:

    Hi Onome, please I would greatly appreciate it if you send to my e-mail, details of how I can get the cheap laptop manual. I painfully realize the offer is closed, but just help a brother out. Just became aware of it when I signed up with you. Tried your MTN number, but couldn’t get through to you. Please, help me. Earnestly awaiting your positive reply. Thanks a lot.

  6. Sir, if your fastecash name is not available, it means someone else in Nigeria who also bears Moses Chima has registered witj that name. So use a combination of yhour other names.


  7. Ogbu Otse Gabriel says:

    Know what I have just gone through Day 1 On The 30 Day Guide To Making Money On line In Nigeria Writing Small Information Report which you sent to me and I was really impressed by the information you provided. In the process of going through you refer your reader to how to obtain cheap laptop as a way of selling product. I was moved to place an order for the Report which I hope to get as soon as I paid the N3,500.00 which by the Grace of God I will pay on the 19th March, 2012.

    Actually I had downloaded this report but did not take time till today to go through. I am now more determined to complete the other series which I have already downloaded.and at the same time to complete the rest others to come.

    At moment I don’t have website. But I will work toward that once I obtain the Report aforementioned.

    Thank you.

    Ogbu Otse Gabriel

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