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How Affiliate Marketing Works and How it Works in Nigeria

You grow your own money tree as our Affiliate in NigeriaFrom our previous lesson here, we learnt that Affiliate marketing is simply the process of marketing and promoting other people’s products as an affiliate. In today’s lesson I’ll be giving you very important stuff as points, so take note of them.

Point #1: As an affiliate marketer, your goal is to establish a relationship of trust and authority with people so you can recommend products to them, so your attitude to this business and how you present yourself must be as someone who wants to help people.

If you can see yourself as someone who truly wants to help people, then you can be a super affiliate but if it’s just to make quick cash, then people will see through this and they show it by refusing to buy.

Point #2: As an affiliate marketer the only way you can establish a trusting relationship with potential buyers is by providing them with quality EDUCATIONAL information. You can provide them such information through their emails. This is why you must build a list. (What is a list? Don’t worry, we’ll get there in this training).

The reason you should provide them this kind of information is because it will help your prospect in making a decision to buy the product you are promoting through your affiliate link.

This information could be in the form of email follow ups, special reports and other freebies related to the product you are promoting. For example if the product you are promoting is on weight loss, don’t send them emails or free reports on how to make money. Send them only information related to what you’re promoting.

Now, that we have established some points about how affiliate marketing works, let’s go into how it works in Nigeria.

How Affiliate Marketing Works in Nigeria Online

Affiliate marketing in Nigeria works online by you simply going to Nigeria’s #1 online products store, register a FREE merchant account and grab an affiliate link from a hot product. You then promote your affiliate link to your friends both offline and online.

You get paid instantly into your merchant account when people buy the products you refer to them via your affiliate link.

These people must pay online either using their own merchant account or paying online via their interswitch or Verve ATM cards.

Affiliate marketing online abroad also works on this same principle. The affiliate has a FREE merchant account called Paypal and people buy products online through their affiliate link in two ways: Either via their own merchant accounts too or their credit card online.

But can I give you an advice?

Always get the people who are to pay though your affiliate link to pay using their FREE merchant accounts. But in order for them to pay using it, they have to register a FREE account and then fund it with Naira.

So the first thing you tell the people you want to promote to is to direct them to register a FREE merchant account at www.onomemaureen.com/fastcash.htm

Please cram that link in your head.

One wow thing about this Affiliate Marketing Business in Nigeria, is that…people can pay anytime whether 2 a.m at night and instantly get the products they pay for online.

They do not have to send a payment email or SMS or wait for their payments to be confirmed before they get access to the product they paid for. No, it’s INSTANT.

As they pay, they get the product, YOU get your commission too.

Let’s get into the PRACTICALS of this training now.

Step #1 to the Affiliate Marketing Business

You must register a FREE merchant account to receive your affiliate commissions by clicking here. The page below comes up. Make sure to fill in your correct name as seen in your bank account so that you can easily cash it. When you visit that link online, you would see:

How to Register a FREE Affiliate Merchant Account

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and fill the other details. Keep your password and username safe. Fill in the Turing number and click on I have read and agreed to the User Agreement and finally click on Submit.

How to Register a FREE Fastecash Affiliate account in Nigeria

How to Register a FREE Fastecash Affiliate account in Nigeria

The next page you see will tell you to check your email for an activation link. So check your email for a mail from Fastecash saying Online Registration Activation. Click on the link in it below to activate your merchant account as seen below:

FREE Affiliate Business Online Training Nigeria by Onome Maureen

When you click on that link, you can then login to your fastecash account using your username and password. This is what your fastecash account looks like:

Want to make money as an Affiliate Marketer in Nigeria? Start here

Do you see the section called Account Overview with Naira Account reading N0.00? That is the place that will show how much you money you have made as an affiliate.

Let’s assume that 50 people bought the Amazing laptop report through your affiliate link, you would see that you have earned N75,000 and that Naira Account would be Naira Account = N75,000.00

How is this possible?

The product sells at N3,000. If you become our affiliate, your commission is 50% which is half of N3,000. So 50 people X N1,500 = N75,000

That’s not all, when you hit this 50 people sale, just send me an email me saying “I’ve Made 50 Sales”, email proofs and your fastecash affiliate username and I’ll personally send you ANOTHER N16,000 within 24 -48 hours. That’s a whole $100 when you convert to Naira.

This makes you a N91,000 in affiliate commissions through me.

N75,000+ N16,000 = N91,000

Wow!!! Right?

We have other BONUS commissions for just 10 sales, 50 sales and 100 sales. By the time you are done, you would have earned a FREE N60,000 as a BONUS for just being our affiliate.

To be our affiliate and receive affiliate marketing tools, register for FREE at www.onomemaureen.com/affiliates.htm

Thank you for sticking with me on this training. In our next lesson, you’ll discover How To Get Your Affiliate Link In Just 10 Minutes.

Please drop your comments and questions below.


  1. Apostle Ayuba Parah says:

    This is amazing. I never known about this before. What an eye opener this is. Thank you for this timely information.

  2. Hanson says:

    I have tried registering with the fastecash system, but it keep referring me back to the logging section. Please what do I do from here? Hub

  3. Olajide says:

    This is another superb material from you, Onome. Keep it up and God bless you.

  4. Lawrence says:

    Nice Job. Keep it up.
    God bless you.

  5. Asife Theodore says:

    That is great!.I do not know that u can teach well like this.Congrats.Thanks a lot.

  6. David says:

    this is rather getting more interesting. My dear mentor, i have gotten my affiliate link already, wat next should i do and how do i get traffic

  7. JIKAT says:

    on the process of registering my marchant account, l delay in the process as l register the secon time l submit l was told that someone has taken my user name and email adress, what should l do now. cos is the same me that want to register that same user name and email.
    thank you and come to my resque

  8. Maureen.
    You’ve done it again. This is powerful and informative step by step guide. Glad to read more of it. Keep the good job.

  9. mac says:

    Hello Onome, this is a good one that has taken me a step higher, Thanks. Please fastecash doesn’t work on foreign marketing sites, now I have paypal account, I want to pay for a home business kit, do you in any way know how I can deposit into my paypal account, and how to get verified?

  10. Fred says:

    Hi Onome,
    Wishing u successful and fruitful trip in India.
    My question is how and where do I login to my Affiliate link?

  11. olalekan oyeleke says:

    Hi Onome,
    I have register for my free merchant account, so how do I get my affiliated link and what next. Thanks.

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