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How I made quick cash online as an affiliate using Onome Maureen’s coaching

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For 2 – 3 weeks now, we have been running a special FREE Affiliate online business Training and its barely 2 weeks after some people got their affiliate websites and their FREE trainings and they have already made money online

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If you have made money online and have been paid as our affiliate, please share your story with the world so that other people and affiliates would be inspired and really believe that making money ONLINE is possible for them too and NOT a scam.

So kindly answer the questions in the COMMENTS Box below:

1. What is your name?

2. How much have you made online using our training? That is tell us how much have we paid you as our affiliate.

3. What is your affiliate website link?

4. What exactly did you do to make money from your website?

5. What do you enjoy most about our FREE affiliate online business training?

6. How much money do you target to make online using our affiliate training before December 20th?

7. If you would like to thank Onome Maureen for your earnings online, you can do so here.

Thank you so much for inspiring others and more grease to your elbows.

Very Important: As you earn money online from our affiliate trainings, come back here and shout it out and “jubilate” telling us the TOTAL amount that you have made online altogether now!

To making a 6-Figure Income Online!
To UNENDING Affiliate Incomes for YOU,

Onome Maureen
Your Affiliate Online Business Coach

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  1. Abdulrasheed says:

    I have made N2,000 from the online affiliate business so far and I have really enjoyed your FREE training because it is easy to understand and apply.

    I refereed a friend to my affiliate website setup for me by Onome Maureen, that was how I made the sale. Thank you for giving me e opportunity to do biz with you.

  2. Gabriel says:

    My affliate website http://www.onomemaureen.com/bigab.htm does not open the link when pasted on the browser and this has been frustrating my effort of distributing it to friends as they cannot access it. Help!

    • Hello Gabriel,

      If you have any problems with your affiliate assignment,
      do NOT post it on my blog. Please ALWAYS send an
      email about it to the support email for this affiliate program

  3. Dada says:

    Hi my Dear business friend Maureen,
    I am Dada Ezekiel,a clergy,so far i made N2,000.00 online using Onome Maureen’s coaching and i made the money by referring two of my friends to my affiliate link:http://www.onomemaureen.com/birthday-ezek.htm.

    About the free trainning, indeed it is the best training i ever received because my Friend Coach Onome Maureen made it so simple that even the old woman in the village can do it.And aside that,she poured out her all to us as far as the program is concerned.May God bless you and give you a long life to enjoy your fruit of lab our in Jesus name. Indeed, you are a great mentor and we are proud of you mar. And lastly, i have projects at least 1million naira. If my friend Maureen can made it i strongly believed i can.

  4. Emeka Njoku says:

    I have already made N4,000 using Maureen’s easy- to- understand free affiliate training by just telling few of my friends on facebook, i have not even started the actual promotion she thought.

    That shows me that i am heading to the topmost top.

    Thank you coach for living up to your claims, keep it up.

    Remain blessed

  5. Toba Hassan says:

    My name is Toba. So far I have made N12,000 online in my affiliate online business with just a start up of N4,000 and have been paid same amount. My affiliate website is http://www.onomemaureen.com/birthday-toba.htm

    I made N12,000 online by following the instructions given by Onome on the free affiliate training and tips given by her also. I use my Blackberry, email, facebook, word of mouth, contacts on my phone and the result is N12,000.

    What I enjoy most about the training is that I get to do what I love doing – going online but now I make m,oney online. Before December 20th, I should be able to hit the 6figure target or more. Thank you Onome for given me the opportunity to be part of this free affiliate training.

  6. Dada says:

    i just want to tell you all that i have just made another N2000.00. from my affiliate website: http://www.onomemaureen.com/birthday-ezek.htm and this making the total money now to be N4000.00. Yes! my sister Maureen, your system is really working no be smallllllll

  7. Mike says:

    Is this free training still ongoing and where is the venue? I recently applied to Amazon through my site and was approved. After the approval i cant tap into this opportunity that i believe hold much in terms of prospect. How do i attend your free training? From the testimonies here,i believe i can break this code finally. Get in touch.

  8. Toba Hassan says:

    My name is Toba Hassan and my affiliate website is http://www.onomemaureen.com/birthday-toba.htm Yet again my account h?s been credited with N4000 bringing the total money I have made from the online affiliate training to N16,000 for now. This is awesome.

  9. uchenna says:

    hi onome,

    i am stil interested in making money in this affiliate business.

    please tell me what i need to do thanks.

  10. Toba Hassan says:

    I have just received another payment of N2,000 bringing total money I have made from the affiliate training to N18,000. My name is Toba Hassan and my affiliate website is http://www.onomemaureen.com/birthday-toba.htm What more could I ask for but to keep making money online.

  11. Gladwell says:

    Yes! Ii is truely working here in Nigeria. In have just make another N2000.00 from this affiliate programme organised by my good friend onomen. please join us now to enjoy all we are enjoying here. Thanks my friend


    I dont belive this until i received alert from my bank that my account has been credited by Onome maureen with my commission from my BIRTHDAY Affiliate marketing. This is real. I will need more of your Training.
    Thanks to my great mentor. Keep the flag flying.

    Oyetunde Oyeniyi

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