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How To Cash and Withdraw Your Affiliate Earnings in 24 hours

One question I keep getting in my email about this affiliate training is “How do I cash my Affiliate Earnings when I recieve it?”

This is simple.

Infact, if you have been following this FREE training, you know that to be in the Affiliate Business in Nigeria, you have to register a FREE affiliate merchant account through fastecash.

Now, all the monies you earn as an affiliate automatically goes to your fastecash account, but how do you withdraw it to your bank account so you can spend it?

Incredibly easy…and so simple.

Infact, you can even withdraw your affiliate earnings in 24 hours if you want.

I have already prepared a special report on how to do this with pictures so I will not go into that here.

You can download my FREE guide on Affiliate Fastecash Online Payment System and even PRINT it out for keeps. You can even sell it if you like BUT ONE very important thing you MUST do as an Affiliate is to GIVE this Fastecash Online Payment System report FREE to the  people who click your link so that they can easily buy the product through your affiliate link.

Give it to them as a GIFT so that they would know how to PAY ONLINE for an INSTANT download of the product you are promoting through your affiliate link.

You can download my FREE guide on Fastecash Online Payment
system by clicking here.
Please remember to drop your comments or questions on the report and the training in the comment box below.

In our next lesson, you will discover “How to Get your Affiliate Link to Start making cool, FAST Affiliate Cash”

To your Affiliate Business Success!

Onome Maureen


  1. Bintasms.com says:

    Nice one again! I will b the first person to tell u happy birth day :)
    Thank you…

  2. Samuel says:

    I so much impressed by this training, i will not seas from following this training. Thanks.

  3. Chidera says:

    This material of yours is truly rich and insightful. Keep up the good work. Cheers!

  4. Adekunle Boluwatife Olayide says:

    Thanks so much for this free training. I’m so impressed. God bless you real good

  5. BOLAJI says:

    thanks my sister

  6. victor says:

    helo ma, i must say you have done very well by arranging a free training on affiliate marketing on your blog. you are a mentor indeed. each training is brief yet powerful and interesting.thanks.

  7. atunnise says:

    i appreciate this

  8. JIKAT says:

    I REGISTER BETWEEN 22/23/24 APRIL, 2011.

  9. JIKAT says:

    dear onome,
    if some body wants the report manualy and want to head to the bank and pay direct without going on line to register you know nigeria some want it but are not conversant with computer, how can we do that or handly that case

    • If I get your qustion right, do you mean “If as an affiliate someone wants to buy a product through your link but wants to pay at the bank?”. Firstly, all our websites that anybody can be an affiliate to, do NOT have our bank details so they cannot pay at the bank unless through fastecash (through your affiliate link).

      Hope its answered now

    • You can request for a customized affiliate web page with our bank details and your payment notice details at N4,000

  10. BANKE says:


  11. Peter Davies says:

    Wow Onome! these lessons are great. cant wait for lesson 3 so I can get my own affiliate link and start up immediately. Thanks once again for helping people become financially independent.

  12. John says:

    Mrs Onome, i love ur day 1 and 2 training. i would love to know more and i am really interested in the 14,000 naira laptop and wish to be involved immensely in it

  13. paul idoko says:

    okey then i awaite your respons to this

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