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how Tope gets paid N52,500 for doing 30 minutes work as an Affiliate

Tope is just a normal guy just like your next door neighbor, but one thing that differentiates Tope from you and anybody else, is that Tope got paid a whooping N52,500 commission right here in Nigeria as an affiliate! And the most important thing about this post is that YOU Too Can be paid that much if you register for our FREE Affiliate Training here

He was paid N52,500 as an Affiliate doing just 30 minutes work in just 3 days per week. You doubt this? See proofs below:

Affiliate payment #1 of N52,500 to Tope as an Affiliate:

How Tope got paid N52,500 as an Affiliate in Nigeria

Another Affiliate payment #2 of N56,000 to Tope as an Affiliate:

The truh about this is that if Tope can make a 50% commission as an affiliate, You too Can!..but you must be willing to work.

The online business that I have personally made my HIGHEST Income from is the Information Marketing Business.

Which is why I recommend that you go for our Brand New N200,000 Affiliate 1ncome FREE Income training as someone NEW  to online business or still learning it.

Let me give you a brief explanation about the Affiliate program but you can see full details here

Affiliate Marketing is an online business model that is the fastest online business to start.

It works by you referring or connecting people to the merchant’s website and when people buy through your referral, you are paid a commission just like Tope.

In our Affiliate program, we will be paying you a whole 50% or half of N4,000 for a Proven HOT selling product = N2,000 for the product.

You would be paid your 50% commission every week into your GTBank account or if you do not have a GTBank account, then into your fastecash account.

We would also be giving you a Free training on how to refer people starting July 23rd to buy through your customized affiliate website which is why we want you to get your customized Affiliate website for this purpose here

Registration to get your customized website CLOSES on Friday, July 22nd and once we reach our 30-Man Training team we want, we are CLOSING the registration. So when would you register for it?

If you have any questions, comments or queries please use the comment box below to tell us and we’d reply.


  1. Ngozi Peter says:

    how can i register.

  2. Charles-power Obuh says:

    Really a nice money making window. Its a WAOO!

  3. kessington says:

    is the programe still on, really like to know


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