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Shocking Proofs of Affiliate Income Earnings in Nigeria

I thank everyone who has been following our Free affiliate marketing business training. I want to specially thank everyone who indeed took actions. Some people have earned money into their Affiliate Fastecash account and here are proofs of it here.

WARNING: This post is for serious people who are serious about making lots of money online starting from now!

I would use my fastecash account as an example because I do not have access to other people’s accounts but some people became affiliates of our hot selling product “N14,000 Cheap Brand New Laptop” selling at N3,000 here

Just this morning, I read something and I want you to take it as your personal income philosophy which is: “Money is always flowing SOMEWHERE in an economy – you just figure out where the money is flowing, then go and put your bucket down in front of the flow. Do that and you’ll ALWAYS have a successful business”.

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Affiliate Income Proof #1

Affiliate Income Proof in Nigeria #1

As you can see from the screen shot above, it is “richcorper’s Account” aka my account since am the CEO of RichCorper.com

Fastecash deducts a fee whenever someone pays into my fastecash account since I’m using their service, so for my N3,000 product, income paid to my fastecash account was N2,925 (less N75 fasteacash fee) but as an affiliate you are paid your FULL commission.

The last payment to my fastecash account (while I was sleeping at night) was on June 17th, 2011. I didn’t even know people were paying into my account. I just setup the website, put my online payment processor on it and when someone visits, he pays directly online and he gets his product instantly.

I have 5 new affiliate payments by the time I checjked my account today. (The screenshot above was taken n June 25th).

The beautful thing about this, is that I did not have to confirm any payments at the bank or deliver any product. It was all done on automatic, so if you have any product you are selling on your website, you can make money on automatic just like me when we help you setup your online payment processor on your website at only N20,000. Click here for payment details.

Affiliate Income Proof #2

Affiliate Earnings in Nigeria #2


I want you to notice the bigger red box in this screen shot above. Its shows that only ONE product was selling which is the “How To Get A Brand New N14,000+ Laptop with FREE Shipping”.

Now look at the blue boxes, notice that the money paid to my fastecash account is N2,925? This was when I personally sold the report online through my website with the special online payment processor script.

Now, VERY important. Look at the smaller red boxes, showing N1,425 for the SAME product. I was paid N1,425 instead of N2,925 for a product selling at N3000 because my Affiliate was Paid an Automatic 50% Commission of N1,500 when someone paid for this product through his affiliate link.

Also from this my FIRST affiliate account, I had made over N33,926 into my online account and I withdrew N24,600 directly into my bank account. THIS PROVES:

#1. That you start your affiliate business using the free tutorial here, you would be paid

#2. You Affiliate commission is instant

#3. People are making money and getting paid as affiliates in Nigeria, so why NOT You?

#4. You can take advantage of being an affiliate of Another HOT product starting TODAY

Affiliate Income Proof #3

Affiliate Income Proofs in Nigeria #3


From the picture above, another affiliate was paid his 50% commission of N1,500 since I was paid half of it as N1,425 (after removal of N75 fastecash fee).

I have TWO very HOT products which sell like crazy and I want you to put your bucket in this income flow as our affiliate.

First product is the Cheap Laptop product and the second one is my Birthday Offer package. Now, this post is all about putting your bucket or truck in the 2nd income flow. The first product is still selling like crazy because of proofs from my SECOND fastecash account abovebut I KNOW MORE people want my Birthday Offer from enquiries I’ve been getting and I want you IN on it.

So I will do something special for you if you are interested in putting your bucket in the cash flow but before I do that, see proofs of income of my first affiliate HOT product. From the picture above you can see that I have already started making money from this Second HOT product into my fastecash account of N4,000 payments as you can see from the picture above.

Income Proof #1 That The Affiliate Income Earnings for YOU for the Second HOT product is as good as and Even Better than that of the First Hot product

More  Affiliate Income Proofs in Nigeria #1

So my SECOND fastecash account name is cheapnewlaptops. This account was setup ONLY for the Cheap Laptop Hot product #1. So far we have made N26,325 on automatic. It’s not much, but consider the fact that I set up the website once, set up the automatic download page, put the special online payment processor script and forgot about the account but money keeps on rushing in.

My point is, if the first HOT product can gross over N0.6 Million in sales, the second HOT product will do EVEN better and this time for YOU!

See MORE cash flows of automatic online payments for HOT product #1 here:

Income Proof #2 That The Affiliate Income Earnings for YOU for the Second HOT product is as good as and Even Better than that of the First Hot product

More Affiliate Income Proofs in Nigeria #2


This is Where YOU Come In

I know this is the part you have been waiting for. So I’m going to teach you how to make an automatic unending N2,000 Affiliate Commissions for a product you did NOT create and will NOT deliver!

The product sells at N4,000 here, but you take 50% commission of N2,000 paid instantly into your fastecash account when people pay through your affiliate link.

5 sales through your affiliate link = YOU make N10,000
10 sales through your affiliate link = YOU make N20,000
15 sales through your affiliate link = YOU make N30,000
20 sales through your affiliate link = YOU make N40,000
50 sales through your affiliate link = YOU make N100,000

My target commission for you is N200,000! That is just 100 sales through your affiliate link! Think you can handle that kind of extra cash?

I’m here to see that you make this and this is how we are going to do it >>> I’m going to teach you HOW to make f-a-s-t cash as an affiliate of this HOT product. Here’s what I’ll do free of charge for you:

#1  Set up the affiliate program for you free of charge
#2  Show you how to get your affiliate link using any of TWO affiliate models
#3  Create the sales website to sell the product exactly like this
#4  Create the product
#5  Deliver the product free of charge
#6  Create 10 marketing emails for you to use free of charge
#7 Create 10 facebook marketing notes for you free of charge
#8  Create facebook marketing profile updates for you free of charge
#9  Create Forum marketing posts for you free of charge
#10  And much, much more

How to become an affiliate of this Second HOT product!

There are TWO ways to become an affiliate of this HOT product of N2,000 commissions:

Affiliate Model #1: You get your own customized affiliate webpage with bank details on the website and a special payment email (which you have access to) where people will send payment notice after payments.

This affiliate model is not free but it is the better of the two affiliate models plus it has its huge advantages because most people prefer paying at the bank, instead of paying onlinenfor reasons bestknown to them…especially if you are marketing to complete internet newbies.

This model is at N4,000. We would setup your special affiliate website and it would run for 3 months straight. See FULL details of this here

I just have to tell you the “koko” of this now. Please note that because of the rush for this model, we would only be setting up only 30 of these special websites, so if you want it send your name, gsm number and date you are paying before July 22nd in the contact form here to tell me so I reserve a Birthday Affiliate Website space for you. See payment details here

From the statistics, at this very moment over 5,000 people are viewing this blog right now, so reserve your website NOW here

Affiliate Model #2: You become an affiliate for free using your generated affiliate link but people have to pay online. I’m sorry this affiliate model has been SUSPENDED.

Meaning they would have to open a fastecash account first, pay at the bank to fund it and then pay online at the website. The process is long but people can do it. Its usually best to make the stress easy on people which is why I suggest you go for your customized affiliate website in model #2.

But if you want to go for this one, click here to get your affiliate if you don’t know how. Follow the instructions on that page and report but MAKE SURE to get your affiliate link for the SECOND HOT product called Onome Maureen’s Special Birthday SIX Hot Internet Business Cash Cow Gifts”

On Sunday, you would get all your free marketing materials for your emails, facebook, forum etc. But get your special affiliate website or affiliate link before then.

Questions?  Comments? Respond in the comment box below.
I’ll be checking in throughout the day and responding below, so bring on the discussion!

Talk to you in the comments section!

Onome Maureen – The Queen of Step-By-Step Information marketing Business – LIVE from India

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P.S.S This is ANOTHER opportunity to put your bucket in the affiliate business income stream with our Brand New N200,000 Affiliate Income FREE Training. (30 People Wanted. Apply NOW)


  1. ebere sandra says:

    hi, pls is it possible for you to do the model 1 on my domain and host? even if i have to pay. because u said urs will only run for two months. pls reply so i will make payment. thanks.

    • Hello Sandra, thanks for your question. We are only running this Birthday Affiliate program for 2 months. Which is why I said with your special customized website, you get it up for 2 months. So because of this, to monitor the offer we are only setting up the special affiliate websites on our domain. Okay?

  2. alloy says:

    Its a very good opportunity for Nigerian to make money through affiliate marketing. I want to be part of this.

  3. alloy says:

    this is a good opportunity. i am interested.

  4. Marizu. says:

    I want to know when you are starting a new class for Affiliate Marketing course.One thing i desire is to make the study simple and understandable.Well done Onome for your efforts to help Nigerians.

  5. moses says:

    thanks ma.I go for model#1.Pls remove the “suspend” attached to my Smsprosperity website.The unfaulted suspension was lifted many months ago.

  6. moses says:

    I have made a choice of model Model #1.I hope this will be set up soon.#20,000naira is too high ,may u accept less for my takeoff please ma.

  7. moses says:

    Bravo ma .Keep it up.I will follow until Igraduate under you ma.i believe I had paId for model #1 #4,000naira as one of the early subscibers.How do we pay the #20,000naira which is very high?May u step it down please.

    • Hello Sir, who do you mean you HAVE paid for model #1?? N20,000 to set up the special online payment script on your website is not much. We are going to pay to use that script as well when we install it for you, so I think N20,000 is a great deal. Interswitch charges N150,000 to do the SAME thing.

  8. Willie says:

    Hello Maureen,

    I was able to make an Affiliate sale sometime ago. After my customer paid thourgh my affiliate link, the amount of N1,500 was left in my fastecash account meaning I was paid my affiliate commission instantly.

    I hope to place an advert in one of the dailies as soon as possible to market the all TWO Hot Affiliate products.

    Thanks Maureen. This is a winner.

  9. Olajide says:

    But there is no form to fill here. However, I have sent an e mail to you to signify my interest.
    Keep this up and you will surely reap the blessing of what you are doing.
    God bless you.

  10. Dear Maureen,
    Thanks for your interest to work with me. I am interested in the offer especially the No 1 model and because it will be automatic pilot. But note that I have not fully understood all about what and how my part will be though you said you will teach me. Did you say we will pay N3,500 for the #1 model?

    Do you mean you have been in India since your trip there? Congratulations for your great progress in helping to us get involved in our own affiliate here. Bravo.

    • Yes, when you invest N3,500 for the Affiliate Model #1, we will create a special affiliate website for you where people YOU refer to the website will pay into our bank account and send Email Payment notice to a special Email YOU and I would have access to.

      This means that when people pay through your website, from THAT special email, you would know when people have paid, so we would send your commission to you every tuesday to your fastecash account.

      Yes, I have been in india for several weeks now. It’s a pleasure working with you.

  11. I am interested. I will pay before 10th of July 2011
    How is your Dad? I believe both of you will be back soon in good health.
    Pastor Sam

  12. emeka says:

    i do not know this is all about. I need u to put me thru ok.
    thanks for ur efforts.

  13. emeka says:

    tell me more about this stuff.

  14. deen says:

    “This model is at N3,500. We would setup your special affiliate website and it would run for 2 months straight.”


  15. sussy ajie says:

    i am interested hw much is the feeis 3,500 or 20,0000..pls i also want to order the 14,000 laptops frm u hw do i go about it tanks

  16. Dear Maureen,
    Thanks for this opportunity to do business with you. I just want to inform you that i have interest in the Affiliate ( Birthday Affiliate Website) option number 1. And i have even send mail to you to inform you to please reserve a place for me this Affiliate Business. And i promised to make my payment of N3,500 in respect to that on or before 8th of july,2011. Once again thanks, God bless you as you continue to help mankind.
    Best regards,
    Oyetunde Oyeniyi.

  17. MICHELLE says:


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