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Day 7: (Case Study #1) This guy made over N1.3M from this “Secret” online business in Nigeria

One question I often get asked 90% of the time on facebook, in my email, via SMS and live calls is, “Onome Maureen, how do I make money online right here in Nigeria?”. In today’s article I’m going to reveal a secret and powerful way anybody…anywhere in Nigeria…can make money online using a simple online business model called, Blogging.

That’s not all in this FREE training series, I’ll show you REAL-LIVE proofs of Nigerians, young men and women just like you who are making a killing online (over N1.3 million online in Nigeria ) from blogging. I will also show you the various types of incomes you can generate from just ONE blog.

Finally, I reveal the fastest and easiest way you can get started on YOUR personal, money-spitting ATM Blogging online Business.

Before I get right into this powerful online business model, I want to finally answer that question, kill it and bury it, so even if someone wakes you up from a deep sleep and asked, “hey how can I make money online?” you would know the answer without any shadow of doubt.

The ONLY way to make money online is……to sell something online!

I want you to repeat that line and let it sink into your being. Say this, “The ONLY way I can make money online is to sell something”. I hope you really said that. It’s so so so powerful if you know that, believe it to be true and ACT that way.

“But Onome Maureen, what can I sell online?”. Did you ask that question? Here’s the answer, sell your products and services online and the simplest thing to sell online is information products.

Forget about those paid-to-surf programs, paid-to-read programs, paid-to-send emails programs and all those paypal related online income opportunities (NOT businesses).

Do you want to make real, fast, CONSISTENT income from YOUR online business?

I can hear you say, YES! Would you like a guaranteed and proven way to make day-by-day, month-to-month, year-by-year incomes online? Oooo! My ears, stop screaming a YES! If you answered Yes, then listen to a powerful statement that I’m about to make:

“If you ever want guaranteed, diversified online streams of income, then you must start and use the Blogging Online Business model”. Pause for a moment and think, is there anyone making BIG money in Nigeria selling information products online who does NOT have a blog?

Please think for a moment…here’s a short list of internet marketers using this blogging model…

Joe Okoro (male)…The Weight Loss Loss Guy: www.healthylivingguy.com/blog

Efe Imiren (female)…Digital Business Advocate: www.businessforts.com/blog

Jide Ogunsanya (male)…The Techki guy: www.ogbongeblog.com

Patrick Ogidi (male)…The Facebook income Advocate: www.patrickogidi.com

Yours truly, Onome Maureen (female)… The Information Marketing Queen: www.OnomeMaureen.com and www.SmartBusinessMart.com (Coming soon).

And now for PROOFS #1 of a Nigerian Blogger, a human being like you who makes over N1.3 million in less than 4 months selling using just a blog (NOT blogpost or blogger) online:

1) He made over N640,000 in ONE month, November, 2011. Click here to see it!

2) He made over N440,000 in December, 2011 alone- in ONE month as well, Click here to see it

3) And just in 5 working days, LAST week, the week before the Easter break, 2012 he made over N300,500 between April 2nd – April 5th, 2012 using just a BLOG. Click here to see it

The wonderful thing about this guy is, he is just like YOU – one head, access to the internet just like you,one brain, one blog and two hands just like you.

I’m not showing you those proofs from making such HUGE online income in Nigeria to brag, its just to show you what is possible for you strictly online working from home using just a BLOG

Now, “Madam Onome, where is your own proofs of using this blogging system?” Watch out for it in 2 days time (Thursday) of how I made over N600,000 in less than 30 days ONLINE from February 12th 2012 to March 15th 2012 using the knowledge I got from my University days. I’m talking of my Bsc. Knowledge. I didn’t have to work in an office to do that and it was strictly online business right here in Nigeria.

I would also reveal to you what a blog is, the BEST ways to make money from a blog and how you can be just like this guy if you desire to!

Meanwhile if you enjoyed this lesson or you learnt one or two things from it or you have a question, kindly hit the LIKE button and comments button below to share it with me and others.

I wish you Success.

Onome Maureen


P.S Watch out for thursdays lesson, in just 2 days time MORE powerful information on what and How to start your own blogging online business in Nigeria!


  1. Charles-Power says:

    Onome you are Godsent. Please do all you can to really impact these knowledge on us (newbies). Thnx

  2. Luchi says:

    That’s a nice one Onome.Would really love to know how to start off.Waiting for the details…

  3. Jude says:

    What a great kick start. I’m already waiting for the full post, Thanks so much my teacher.

  4. Emman says:

    iIf there is one trait about “Queen”Onome, is the simplicity with which she unfolds issues. Liked what I saw and I’m looking forward to knowing more.

  5. Well, you’re right Onome. If it was possible for Akin Alabi (a.k.a The Guru) to make N3 Million Naira within 21 days, then making just N1.3 million naira is achievable. Thank you for this….

  6. chidi says:

    thanks for all these information madam Onome, i really can’t wait for the next lesson on how to start my own blog.

  7. Goodman says:

    Thoughtful of you Onome, Easter is really all about sacrifice. Thanks for all of that like these information. God bless you.

  8. Goodman says:

    Thoughtful of you Onome, Easter is all about sacrifice just like all the information you are dishing out. Thanks a lot.

  9. victor says:

    Thank you very much ma, for this powerful, impactful and exciting lesson.i really enjoyed it. you are a mentor indeed. may God bless you and keep you for me.

  10. Evuarherhe says:

    Please, i need a guide on how to start off.

  11. raji olaitan says:

    thanks for the information, there is no lie about it.

  12. OBINNA MMUO says:

    Pls Maureen help me. The problem I have is time and commitment. But this I’ve made up my mind for I really need it. Put me through.

    • @Obinna. You don’t have time & commitment to make over N600,000? Don’t make me laugh. We only create time for what we want to have time for. Sometimes, I sleep by 3am after working from 7am-8pm and then get back to work again from 12am midnight. Truth is you’ve got to create time for your future if you “really” want it to be sooooooo bright! All it takes is for you to make a decision to start! And you can start here

  13. Ose says:

    Blogging for money, fun, or promotion is a
    powerful way to start an online business and
    remain in it.

    If done regularly and not by fits and starts, it
    creates online visibility and credibility for the
    blogger. It is a wonderful marketing tool that
    every smart online business owner should
    embrace with both hands.

    Thank you.


  14. david anoka says:

    How do u sell and get your money ?

  15. akinsola says:

    is this for real and is this information marketing or blogging

  16. ramatu sule says:

    Good day,Onome I really like the information you enlighten me with.
    Pls can you send me a website or a help on how I can start.please put me through and I will start immediately. Pls do reply.

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