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Day 8: (Case Study #2) How I made over N600,000 in less than 40 days from my Blogging online business and How you can too

I welcome you to Day 8 – Part 2 of my FREE 6-Figure Blogging Millionaire Quick Start Course. (If you missed Day 1’s lesson, you can start here). Two days ago, I shared with you how a friend of mine made over N1,300,000 within 4 months from his online business using the online Blogging Business Cash Code and if you are yet to see proofs of it and how he did it, click here.

In today’s article you would also see how I used the same model to rake in over N600,000 selling information products on a totally brand new blog and how YOU can too.

Without wasting your time, click here for eye-popping, jaw-dropping proofs of over N600,000 incomes from one of my online business blogs. Have you seen it? Mind you, I’m a lady and if I can, YOU can too and here’s how.

You see I’m so excited about your decision to join this course and that’s because – You’re about to discover a step-by-step process for publishing your own blog and making money from it just like I do and how a few of us do right here in Nigeria.

First Of All, What Is A Blog And How Can You Make A Steady Stream Of Cashflow You’re Your Blog?

A blog is a website consisting of several articles or posts which appear in a reverse chronological order with the most recent article appearing first before the previous post. For example, www.SmartBusinessMart.com and www.OnomeMaureen.com (THIS blog) are examples of a blog and not like other static websites like www.InfoBizBuilders.com or www.RichCorper.com

A blog is also a personal journal containing articles related to a particular market or subject. When I talk of a blog that makes you money in terms of a 6-figure online income, I’m NOT talking of those free blogs from blogger or blogspot.

Forget them! If you really, really, really want to make this kind of cash using a FREE blog WON’T do it for you, infact you would be wasting your precious time. If you desire to make serious cash like the ones here and here, then you have to follow the SAME Blueprint we use.

Not only will using a free blog make you look unprofessional and “real” Nigerians in the “real” world with serious cash to spend NOT deal with you, the owners of those free blogs would someday delete your account for reasons best known to them and all your efforts would turn to ZERO. It’ll be a case of “penny wise, pound foolish”. Do NOT use FREE blogs for your online business!

Anybody can start a blog and you can set it up in less than 45 minutes to have a blog similar to this one you currently are on now and I have made it very, very easy for you giving you a FREE hosting 30MB hosting account to start your blog…Courtesy of our Website Design company, www.SwiftWebsiteHost.com

But I must add, this will be for ONLY the first 20 people who start and complete this Training series, mind you the Full Course will not really be free but if you are smart you can get it at a very, very affordable price like the one here. That is simple Crash Course complete with Video Tutorials on How to Make Money Blogging. It will show you how to create a successful blog and turn it into an income generating business model and guess what?

The person who will be holding you by the hand in that training is the SAME guy who made over N1.3 Million from ONE blog within 3-4 months. You think I’m bluffing, see them here and here and here. If you have any plans of making money online by blogging with a very practical and promising career in it and you desire a short cut on how to do it, its all here.

Now, I’ve told you how to start let’s move right on to the Top best ways to make money blogging.

Five (5) Best Ways to Make Over N500,000 aka Money from Blogging

Before I go right into that, let me give you a quick bio about me. I have been doing business online for almost 5 years now and I have been making money since then. I have so many proofs to show you of incomes made online way back from 2008, 2009 etc because I don’t like talking too much, I like the proofs to speak for themselves.

And so here is just a brief preview of some incomes I made just last year between January 2011 – May 2011 from my two company accounts (GTBank and FirstBank). I’m talking about over N250,000 made every SINGLE month! Check it out here

Enough said.

There are plenty of other ways to benefit and profit (directly and indirectly) from your blog, but here are the Top 5 Best Ways to Make Money Blogging:

1. You Become The Go-To Guy and Establish Yourself as an Expert

Having a blog gives you instant celebrity and expert status no matter what you are selling, no matter what business you currently are in or what company you work for. If you have a blog, you will achieve more because it helps establish you as an expert.

And once people see you as the “expert”, the money keeps rushing to your bank account because your readers begin to trust you and hence want to deal more with you. End result? INCOME

2. You Create and SELL Your Own Products

It is very, very easy to create a product to sell online, believe that. What is difficult is how to SELL it. Having a blog is one of the most profitable ways to sell your products. Infact your BLOG will bring you lots and lots of sales. Its more than having an optin page and salesletter and autoresponder.

The guy who made over N1,3 Million was selling his own product and he kept 100% of that money as his profit. He also sold other people’s products using a cool and easy method which he will show you in his Blogging Cash Course if you are willing, right here.

Even if you can’t create the products yourself because of time or work, you can hire a ghostwriter to create them for you. I use that same method too and Joe Okoro – The N1.3 Million earner uses that method too.

So far you’ve discovered two main ways to benefit from your blog. On Tuesday, you’ll learn the remaining top 3 ways to directly and indirectly profit from your blog… so stay tuned!

Meanwhile if you enjoyed this lesson or you learnt one or two things from it or you have a question, kindly hit the LIKE button and comments button below to share it with me and others.

I wish you Success.

Onome Maureen


P.S If you want a Beginners Course on How to make REAL money online Blogging aka The Quick-Start 6-Figure Blogging Millionaire Course For Beginners, then click here.


  1. adefela says:

    Gud morning onome, did bought some product frm you last year and made order frm china.pls is it possible for someone like me to really make money online? Have no knowledge abt blogging,product to create etc, is it possible for someone to create a product for me? I know its not for free,pls feel free to send me comprehensive mail abt dis and will really appreciate your advice pls. Rgds mam

  2. Emmanuel says:

    I believe in the reality of what you sell, and in the possibility of online business. So I want adeqate trainning of online business. Thank you.

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    Hi Onome

    I am day job holder and would love to have in some raked in cash from blogs and would love to get started with it ASAP. My constraint is time… Can u help me with that?


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