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Day 9: 5 Best Ways Nigerians Make Money Online with a Blog in Nigeria

In Nigeria having an online blogging business is one of the best ways to make money online and in today’s article I’ll continue the series on the Top 5 Best Ways to Make Money Online with Your Blog in Nigeria to The Bank. By now I’m assuming you already know how to set up a simple blog in only 45 minutes using The 6-Figure Blogging Millionaire Beginners Course here.

In my previous lesson, I showed you some proofs on how I used the same Blog Online Business model in Nigeria to make over N600,000 selling just ONE information product online.  See it here.

You know, its only people with the right credentials that can really, really show you what to do to start a small online business from the comfort of your home.

Without wasting your time here are the Five (5) Best Ways to Make Over N500,000 aka Money from Blogging

1. You Become The Go-To Guy and Establish Yourself as an Expert

2. You Create and SELL Your Own Products

(I already explained these secrets in the previous lesson, see it here)

3. Make Money With AdSense

Google has a program called AdSense which can make money for you as a Blogger and its FREE. This is how it works. You set up a simple blog, then you register a free google adsense account and then google allows you to display different marketer’s pay per click adverts on your blog. When visitors your blog click on any of these advert links, you make money.

Google will pay you either in dollars or in Euro by sending a cheque to your address right here in Nigeria. The advantage is that you don’t even need to pre-sell your visitors, because you get paid for the click – not the sale.

While this is a “quick and dirty” way to monetize a blog, it shouldn’t be your first choice. That’s because if you’ve chosen a good niche and you’re sending highly targeted traffic to your blog, then you should be able to make more money by selling your own products or affiliate products like we do here.

4. Sell Advertising and Links

Another profitable way to make money with the same blog is to sell advert space and advert links on your blog. This means that people will pay you money (it could be per week or per month) to place banner adverts on your blog so that when people visit your blog and they click on those ads, they would go to the advertisers website.

You could charge anywhere from N3,000 – N100,000 per week for banner ads to be placed on your blog. So you won’t say its just “talk”, here are some examples of other Nigerians using the blog monetization secret e.g. OgbongeBlog.com, Bella Naija, Gnaija etc

5. Affiliate Marketing

Maybe you don’t want to create your own products to sell or you don’t have the time or you just want a short cut and its maybe that’s not the kind of work you want to do. Whatever your blog niche, there are products out there being sold that are related to your topic. You can be an affiliate of such products right here in Nigeria.

This means that you sell the person’s product using HIS/HER website and you are given a commission per sale. Most times, the least commission is 50% and it can even go as high as 70% commission. All you need to do is contact the owner and request to be his affiliate, work out some terms and off you go, making money without doing any product creation.

By the way I’m giving everyone who orders for The 6-Figure Blogging Millionaire Beginners Course here a full blown already-made and created product, a free website to sell the product, an optin page, website design and ecover graphics already created as a BONUS.

When you get this product, you can even put YOUR name as the author of that product, sell it for any amount you like and keep 100% profits from it. Let’s say you decide to sell the product at N3,000 and just 40 people buy it from you within 30 days of setting up your blog, YOU would have made a cool N120,000 without any stress of creating the product yourself.

Its FREE to the first 20 people who order for The 6-Figure Blogging Millionaire Beginners Course here

And that’s it for today’s lesson. So far you’ve discovered the Top 5 Best Ways to make money online from your blog in Nigeria. In our next lesson next week, you’ll discover 2 Proven and Easy Ways to Choose a Market Niche for Your Online Blog Business.

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I wish you Success.

Onome Maureen


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