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My Brand New Laptop on My dinning Table

Hello, It’s with great joy I announce to you that you can now see ACTUAL pictures of my Brand New mini Laptop and Android device I bought at N14,000+ Check them out: People who looked at this item also looked … Continue reading

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Hurray! My Laptop has been Shipped to Me

Hurray!!! My Brand New N14,000+ Laptop has been SHIPPED to my address in Lagos Nigeria! Guess what! People who looked at this item also looked at… My Brand New Laptop on My dinning Table Sample Pictures of N14,000+ Laptops Proofs … Continue reading

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Proofs of my N14,000+ Laptop ORDER

Hi, In case your name has suddenly turned to Mr. or Mrs. Thomas of the doubting Thomases fame wondering if this brand new laptop information and research I have been doing the last 13 days is really true. No need! … Continue reading

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Sample Pictures of N14,000+ Laptops

The Amazing N14,000+ Laptop BREAKTHROUGH Picture Manual – Coming Soon on Tuesday, March 29th. If you ever had doubts about what the N14,000+ laptops from the secret website look like, no need to worry. Here are full colored pictures of … Continue reading

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N14,000+ Brand New Laptop Update #3

You are welcome to this special Questions and Answers series  of How to Easily Get The SAME Brand New Laptops Selling at Computer Village from N50,000 – N180,000 for just N14,000 – N52,000. To start with, my name is Onome … Continue reading

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N14,000+ Brand New Laptop Update #2

Wow! When I first shared this info about getting brand new mini laptops for N14,000 – N50,000 with my subscribers I got so many responses in my email and so many phone calls from people who wanted me to go … Continue reading

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Should I buy this N14,000 brand new laptop?

Hello everyone, I just stumbled on some hot information on how to get a brand new mini-laptops from between N14,000 – N25,000. Boy! Was I impressed. And NO, you do not have to refer anybody or wait for your turn … Continue reading

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