The True Story of How I Almost

Made =N=1.3 Million Naira within 60 days in 2011

From Something My Friend Told Me About


I have a confession to make...


Several years ago around February 2011, I was online on facebook when I saw a post my friend made about buying cheap laptops at less than N14,000 without any referral program


Back then, there was a funny network laptop marketing program where you had to invest N15,000 to join a network and get 2-3 other people to join the same network through you before you can get a brand new laptop.


As you already know, having a laptop these days is a necessity not a luxury.


So when I saw that info online, I shouted and began chatting with my friend. That was around 2 am and he said it was true and would give me the info at N2,500 because he was selling it.


I said no qualms, because even though he was my friend, I too am in the same information products business.


So I just transferred N2,500 via online banking to his account and he immediately sent me the ebook. Boy!


Was I glad.


For the next 2 weeks, I studied the information, visited the website and then bought a laptop for myself all the way from China. I documented the steps I took and within another 2 weeks my laptop and android device was delivered to my lagos address.


Guess what I did next?


I packaged the steps I used to order for the laptop into an ebook and sold it at N3,000 and after 2 weeks, I increased the price to N4,000.


You won't believe what happened next!!!


I Turned That N2,500 Knowledge Into N1,237,700

Over =N=1 Million Naira in 60 days

(April and May, 2011)


See the unending N4,000 bank deposits into my TWO Bank accounts (First Bank and GTBank) Trillionet Resources Account in April and May, 2011:



GTBank Online Income in APRIL 2011

I made N345,649 from ONE ebook




GTBank Online Income in APRIL 2011

I made N497,449 from ONE ebook




First Bank Online Income in MAY 2011

I made N395,989 from ONE ebook





First Bank Online Income in MAY 2011

I made N441,169 from ONE ebook




First Bank Online Income in MAY 2011

I made N493,094 from ONE ebook




GTBank Online Income in MAY 2011

I made N247,157 from ONE ebook




April 2011 GTbank Total = N497,449

May 2011 GTbank Total = N247,157

May 2011 First Bank Total = N493,094


Total Income in 60 days  = N1,237,700

(April and May, 2011)



This is WHY YOU are LOSING Money if you are NOT selling ebooks on the internet!

You see, my mentor who taught me this information products business said there is a 3-Step System to making money using information which is:

Learn it. Do it. Sell it

Meaning, if you discover that there is something lots of people are interested in knowing, which solves a problem for them and you yourself do NOT have that information, he says, Learn the information - if you have to buy an ebook or attend a seminar or workshop to learn it. That is, LEARN IT

Then practise what you have learnt to ensure it works. That is, DO IT

Lastly, after perfecting the knowledge, then SELL IT.

But to make it even simpler for you, I have broken these 3 steps into a smaller

7-Step System in my "Hobby Income Formula" private training.

Now go back to the page from where you got to this page and DO the instruction on that page!

To YOUR Success Story!

Onome Maureen



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