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Day 1: The Newbies Guide To Making Real Money Online in Nigeria

I used to be where you are today… I was a NEWBIE!

And this 30-Day FREE online training is what I call “the Newbies Guide To Making Money Online in Nigeria”. By newbie I mean a person who is new to the online based business. I’ll be training you mostly on the Information Marketing ONLINE Business but most of the things you’d discover from this FREE training you’d be able to apply it to about any form of online marketing or direct selling.

I make a 6-Figure Income selling simple information products Online! Many times, I make over N400,000 per month online, sometimes over N250,000, other times over N1,000,000 a month online. If you think I’m exaggerating or lying, click here to see real PROOFS of screen shots of some of my bank account statements online!

Have you see them now? See, I’m MORE than qualified to help you earn a decent 6-figure income online….so…

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As someone who went from a total newbie to very successful Internet businesseS owner, I know exactly what you’re going through in trying to get things off the ground. It is THE reason I’ve made a commitment to helping others achieve success.

Every day I receive questions from my subscribers and strangers in my email, sms, facebook, calls and chats:

“Onome”, they ask me, “what am I doing wrong? I’ve been trying to make money online for over 2 years now and I tied as hard as I could for months now, but I did not make a dime!”

Well, I finally got fed up! No, not at my subscribers or those people– but at the thought of so many people’s hopes and dreams being dashed, simply because they don’t have the right information…

There’s simply no good reason not to succeed online, unless you secretly fear success or have some other issue blocking your efforts. Now, I knew that I couldn’t possibly mentor every single person one-on-one. As much as I would like to do that, it’s just logistically impossible, I have specific months in the year in which I’m available to do such intensive one-on-one trainings plus some people feel the N80,000 I charge for my 2-week training is a bit pricey.

So I decided to give a foundational FREE online training right here on my blog to my esteemed subscribers and to anyone who has ever heard or believed (even if it was just a tiny 1% belief) that it is possible to make money online to access this training for the remaining part of this year…

…so that come January 2012 you would KNOW exactly what to do, what steps to take to start or radically increase by up to 300% your income from your online businesses!

Do you want to earn N70 per month Online or you want to earn N700,000 and above in a month Online?

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