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Day 2: The Newbies Guide To Making Real Money Online in Nigeria

So in Day 1 you got to know “How Anyone, Anywhere in Nigeria can CONSISTENTLY Make Money ONLINE”. I sent out this 19-page lesson filled with meaty stuff on the “real” secrets it takes to make money ONLINE, month-by-month, year-by-year.

This is something that took me 2 years to figure out but in ONE Day’s lesson you’ve got it. So if you’re yet to download Day #1, download it here.

And for Day 2’s lesson.

The first thing you need to do when you want to sell an information product online is to CHOOSE A MARKET.

That is so, so, so important. You can’t just decide to sell anything to anybody because you’ve seen others selling it too. And in today’s lesson you’d discover:

-       Why you need to target a Market for your Online business

-       The #1 Secret you need to understand when you are choosing a Market

-       3 Simple Rules for Choosing a Market

-       Access to a list of 20 major markets that I encourage you to choose from in making your selection.

-       How I chose a totally brand new market in August this year and sold over 100 copies in the first 2 months of the introductory product price of N5,500 and how I’ve sold several other products in that SAME market at N3,000, N3,900, N10,000, others N14,000.

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