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Day 6: The Newbies Guide To Making Real Money Online in Nigeria

Welcome back. In the previous lesson I revealed “Powerful Tips on List Building for your Online Business Income” which was copied out of my original HOBBY INCOME FORMULA here

So in today’s lesson you’d discover “the various autoresponder services available for you to use, how to create your free ebook and squeeze page to build a list of 1,000 desperate ready-to-buy subscribers in as little as 30-60 days for your online business

Just a quick reminder. In order to make money online in the information online business in Nigeria you need to sell an information product usually in form of an ebook. One of the best ways to sell it is to offer a kind of free information related to your product so you can in exchange for it the names, emails and sometimes GSM numbers of visitors to your website.

The automated tool used to do this for you is the “autoresponder” like I discussed in detail in lesson 5 here. There are several autoresponders available some of them are free and others paid.

The free ones also work well but many times they include adverts in your emails which could distract the person you’re sending an email to (the aim is to persuade him or her to buy your info-product online).

Examples of the FREE autoresponders are:

1) Freeautobot.com

2) Listwire.com

Examples of the PAID autoresponders are:

1) Getresponse.com

2) Aweber.com

3) Trafficwave.net

There are several autoresponder services but these are the best. I recommend that you go for the paid autoresponders because you are safe with them. Your list won’t go missing some day and you can be sure your email message gets the delivered. The ones I use are the getresponse and trafficwave above. Costs about $18 per month which is about N2,970.

To get started all you need to do is to click on any of the links above and click on register. Both getresponse and trafficwave are FREE for the first 30 days but of the two getresponse is better even though a little more expensive. You can get a FREE tutorial from those companies on how to use their service to grab the details of visitors to your website or you can just boycott all that stress by getting my Basic Course for the Beginner on the 6-Figure Income Autoresponder and Email marketing Business Guide here

Now that you know how where and how to use an autoresponder, let’s get deeper into this thing which is:

How to create your  ebook as an Info-product for sale or your FREE report

Creating an ebook is very easy using a software with the click of a button. Just 3 steps:

(1) First of all get the software used to convert Microsoft word documents into ebooks or pdf format. There are free ones and paid ones. Again I use the paid one because of copyrights. After spending some quality time to type out an information I would not want anybody somewhere to clean off my name and write his name as the author of the ebook, so I use a paid ebook converter software that prevents my work from being copied. You can get the same software and the tutorial used to create ebooks in only 3 minutes at N1,500. You can order here.

If N1,500 is too much for you, you can download  an Open Office free ebook converter here but know that your work is not protected.

(2) Type out on a laptop or write out the information on a sheet of paper which you want to sell or the free report you want to give out via your autoresponder (to build a list) for those who don’t have their personal computers.

And then take it to a business center and give it to someone to type for you on a Microsoft word document. I don’t understand why anyone in this time and age do not have their own personal laptops when they can get one from N14,000 – N40,000 for a very good brand new mini-laptop.

I bought one for N14,000+ and you too can get one here. So after typing out the information, if it’s a free report it should not be long, anywhere from 7-10 pages is perfect for the free report and if it’s a paid report you can determine the number of pages depending on the steps the information would take.

(3) After typing your document and saving it. Open up that document again, click on File, click on Print and under the option called Properties, select OpenOffice and click on OK and your ebook will be created. Next you click on File and click on Save as. Type the name of the ebook you want to save it as and your ebook is done!

Now that your ebook is ready, your autoresponder is ready the next thing you should do is to create the webpage which would carry your autoresponder form. This special page that contains the form that grabs the names and emails of visitors to your website so you can sell your info-product is called a squeeze page. Click here to see an example of a squeeze page.

In order to build that special page, here are two very, VERY, VERY important reasons for an autoresponder and squeeze page which will help you go from broke or not-having-enough-money to a 6-figure and 7-figure income businessman:

(1) To build a list

(2) To develop a relationship with your list

I have taught you in detail on why and how to build a list, now what would you do with your list? Its not just to market to them so you can sell to them but to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with them. Mark my words in bold “mutually beneficial relationship”.

In as much as you want to benefit from your list so they can buy your products, they too MUST benefit from you. Infact they must benefit from you first, you must give to them first and get them to like and trust you before they would ever buy from you.

Its common sense, you buy from people you like isn’t it?

Now the BEST way to develop a relationship with your list after building that list is via another online business model called Blogging. Now not every guru will tell you their secret ingredient for making trailer loads of cash.J

You are on this page reading my article from my blog. What do you think I’m doing? I’m running a blog to develop a relationship with youJ. And that brings me to our next series of lessons on how to make a 6-Figure Income from your Online Business in Nigeria called the 6-Figure Blogging Millionaire Quick Start Course.

In the next series of lessons I’ll show you the basic steps on how to profit from the blogging Info-business, how to start immediately, tools you need etc (the squeeze page is part of this). When I taught a Pastor this aspect of the online business, he moved from making a few thousands of Naira online to making a 5-figure income monthly – I’m talking about going from N6,000 to N90,000.

I would also show you Nigerian bloggers who are making a killing online. Truly there is money to be made online if only you know HOW, you are ready to APPLY what you know and you STICK to it No matter What.

Meanwhile if you enjoyed this lesson or you learnt one or two things from it or you have a question, kindly hit the LIKE button and comments button below to share it with me and others.

I wish you Success.

Onome Maureen


P.S If you want a Beginners Course on How to make REAL money online from what you already know about or what you know how to do, then get the Hobby Income Formula here.

I made over N600,000 in less than 30 days ONLINE from February 12th 2012 to March 15th 2012 using the knowledge I got from my University days. I’m talking of my Bsc. Knowledge. I didn’t have to work in an office to do that and it was strictly online.


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