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How I made quick cash online as an affiliate using Onome Maureen’s coaching

Wow! A HEARTY Congratulations to you. You have made money online for real and have been PAID your affiliate commissions.


THIS is better than working at a job you hate and Continue reading

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how Tope gets paid N52,500 for doing 30 minutes work as an Affiliate

Tope is just a normal guy just like your next door neighbor, but one thing that differentiates Tope from you and anybody else, is that Tope got paid a whooping N52,500 commission right here in Nigeria as an affiliate! And the most important thing Continue reading

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Shocking Proofs of Affiliate Income Earnings in Nigeria

I thank everyone who has been following our Free affiliate marketing business training. I want to specially thank everyone who indeed took actions. Some people have earned money into their Affiliate Fastecash account and here are proofs of it Continue reading

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Ask Me Your Affiliate Business Questions

Hello everyone,

It’s been quite awhile since I posted anything due to my trip to India because of my hectic schedule. But I have been replying some questions on affiliate marketing in my email and I thought to make it public so other people can benefit from them as well.

So if you have any questions or problems on my FREE training on the Affiliate Marketing Business, please use the Continue reading

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How to Easily get your Affiliate link

Hello and welcome to this FREE Affiliate Online Business training series.

In today’s lesson, you’ll discover how to easily and quickly get your affiliate link to begin to earn at least 50% commission as an affiliate.

I have already written a report on this complete with pictures so Continue reading

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How To Cash and Withdraw Your Affiliate Earnings in 24 hours

One question I keep getting in my email about this affiliate training is “How do I cash my Affiliate Earnings when I recieve it?”

This is simple.

Infact, if you have been following this FREE training, you know that to be in the Affiliate Business in Nigeria, you have to register a FREE affiliate merchant account through Continue reading

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How Affiliate Marketing Works and How it Works in Nigeria

You grow your own money tree as our Affiliate in NigeriaFrom our previous lesson here, we learnt that Affiliate marketing is simply the process of marketing and promoting other people’s products as an affiliate. In today’s lesson I’ll be giving you very important stuff as points, so take note of them.

Point #1: As an affiliate marketer, your goal is to Continue reading

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Affiliate Marketing Business in Nigeria 101

Proven Steps to Affiliate Marketing Business Success in NigeriaMy name is Onome Maureen and I welcome to this Affiliate Income FREE Training with me. This is a basic training and not an advanced one. But one thing I can tell you is, this training will give you a virtual “blank check” to cash in on your dreams of owning a successful Affiliate Internet Business.

Just because Continue reading

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Affiliate Marketing Business in Nigeria or Not?

As an online business Coach and Consultant domiciled at InfoBizBuilders.com I’m often asked by most online business wannabes either one of these questions:

Question #1: How can I make money online in Nigeria?

My answer to this question is “To make “real”  and “consistent” money online you need to SELL something – Yes, you need to sell either Continue reading

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My Brand New Laptop on My dinning Table


It’s with great joy I announce to you that you can now see ACTUAL pictures of my Brand New mini Laptop and Android device I bought at N14,000+

Check them out: Continue reading

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